The Graduation.

Work hard : Play hard.

I've started working since 3 months ago and i have to be honest, its really tough and yet fun at the same time. However, I still find it hard to juggle between work and personal time. How i thought that things would get less hectic now that i enter the working world. oh dear, i was wrong. 

There's always so many things to do, which i'm somewhat glad!! coz im not the type of person that can sit still. Then again sometime i get so greedy i want to do so many things that i cant even keep up with my own schedule. How I wish there are more hours in a day, more days in a week, more weeks in a month.

Books bought from Big Bad Wolf book sale.

Tonnes of books at home I wish i have time to read. These are 3 more books i bought from the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale couple of weeks ago when i was in KL. Wish i could buy more but afraid that my  luggage would go overweight. 

Architectura design magazines.

More books from the office i want to read for 'homework'.

Weekend are reserved for friends and family.

and last but not least...


 Today's sketch at Ting & Ting supermarket.

Ok, i have to do my weekend chores :(


On the go...sketch.

Going on trips be it on the bus or airplane, is the best time for me to sketch. Was going through my old sketches and realize i have few numbers of sketches during my trip to KL and etc.

Lets begin!

2010 - went to KL to start a new semester in Taylors university, MAS airline.

2010 - study trip to Jakarta, KML airline.

 2010 - Jakarta : visiting Taman Mini.Bus ride.

2010 - Flying back to kuching for a semester break. Airasia airline.

2011 - Study trip to Taiping for our elective subject; Food and Culture! Bus ride from KL.

 2011 - Flying to KL with the family. Airasia again.

Seriously need to learn how to draw human. I tend not to draw  them out as it usually spoil the sketches, coz i dont realy draw real human, just simple figures. :(